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June 7, 2004
Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd.

"K" Line Thailand Group Awarded ISO 9001:2000 Certification
-K Line (Thailand) Ltd. (KTL) and Three Subsidiaries-

"K" LINE takes pleasure in announcing that as of April 1, 2004, K Line (Thailand) Ltd. (KTL) and three of its group companies, i.e. Bangkok Marine Enterprises Ltd. (BME), C.T.S. Corporation Ltd. (CTS) and Kallawis Engineering Co., Ltd. (KEC) were awarded ISO 9001:2000 certification by UL International Ltd., a third-party institution authorized to provide quality system assessment and registration services based on ISO quality standards, for all departments, including their Administration Departments.
Acquisition of this latest ISO certification will provide even further motivation to everyone involved to constantly review the overall working process of each and every assigned job, and to promote a continual work improvement campaign. We are confident that dramatic improvements will be forthcoming in the Group's quest to always provide only the very best in customer service.
As can be seen in the table, some companies within the KTL Group have been granted ISO certification as early as 2002. As a result of certification granted to KTL and the above three companies, seven logistics companies in total have now qualified for ISO9001-2000 in the KTL Group.
This epoch-making occasion provides added encouragement to all of us to step up our diligent efforts for pursuing/promoting an even higher-level of all logistics services. In our group-wide efforts, we will utilize the synergy from joining forces in uniform for achieving constant and ongoing improvement.

List of Group Members Awarded ISO Certification

Company's Name Certification When Awarded
"K" Line (Thailand) Ltd. (KTL) ISO9001:2000 April 2004
Bangkok Marine Enterprises Ltd. (BME) ISO9001:2000 April 2004
C.T.S. Corporation Ltd. (CTS) ISO9001:2000 April 2004
Kallawis Engineering Co., Ltd. (KEC) ISO9001:2000 April 2004
"K" Line Container Storage Service (Thailand) Ltd. (KCST) ISO9001:2000 August 2002
Ditto ISO14001 March 2004
Ditto TIS18001 March 2004
Ditto OHSAS18001 March 2004
Bangkok Cold Storage Service, Ltd. (BCS) ISO9001:2000 September 2003
"K" Line Air Service (Thailand) Ltd. (KLAS) *ISO9002:1994 July 2002
  *(The version was already switched to ISO9001:2000 in December 2003.)


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