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July 6, 2005
Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd.
(KLTL News No.15)

KTL's 2nd Warehouse Opens at its Distribution Center, Thailand

K Line (Thailand) Ltd. (herein after referred as "KTL") had founded "K"Line Amata Nakorn Distribution Center (herein after referred as "KADC") within Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate in Bangpakorn District, Chonburi, Thailand and started operations back on August 3, 2004.
It is a pleasure to advise that as scheduled, the 2nd warehouse commenced operations from May 24, 2005.

(1) Outline of KADC

  1. Characteristics:
    1. Warehouse for storage
    2. All weather operations
    3. Completely one-way cargo handling operations with 80m of providing length for safety operation
    4. "SECOM" 24 hour online security and monitoring system
    5. Warehouse and inventory control with bar-code and warehouse management system
  2. Warehouse Space: 7,472 m2
  3. Strength of floor: 2.5 kt/m2
  4. Height of ceiling: 8.0m
  5. Platform: Width 10.0m Height 1.4m
  6. Canopy: Width 24.0m
  7. Dock Leveler 8 units

(2) This warehouse is designed as a warehouse for storing and eventually has 8-meter-high ceilings as compared with 6-meter-high ceilings of the 1st warehouse so that limited cubic space is best utilized. Owing to the geographical advantage of "located within Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate",some Japanese businesses have already started to use the 2nd warehouse.

From now onwards, we will redouble efforts for providing multiplied logistics services including IT-aided inventory system, customs clearance, land haulage and milk run (*) in an attempt to better meet customer needs.

(*) a type of logistics service to call at small-size makers for pickup (of parts) on a routine course when one lot per maker is too small for a carload. This service performs best when those small makers are concentrated in one area. It derives from that a milk man picks up raw milk visiting each ranch on a regular course.



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