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July 27, 2005
Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd.

"K" LINE Substantially Upgraded the LNG Carrier Simulator

Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd. ("K" LINE) has recently made substantial upgrades in the LNG carrier simulator.
The simulator of LNG carrier's cargo handling (including boiler operations) is already operating and effective training of crew is being implemented. The operation simulator of turbine plant, which is the main engine of LNG carriers, is introduced this time. Consequently, the comprehensive training to operate a LNG carrier became available.

This simulator, installed in the "K"LINE training center in Machida, Tokyo, was jointly developed by "K"LINE, Kawasaki Shipbuilding Corporation, and Kawaju Techno Service Corporation spending almost one year. The significant feature of this simulator is a 65-inch rear projector monitor which displays live-action moving pictures, still pictures, and three-dimensional images created by computer graphics so that the inside of the engine room is recreated virtually. A trainee can virtually experience the entire engine plants and its reaction by using a three-dimensional mouse to operate the switches and valves, which are installed in an engine room that is displayed on the monitor.
Various training to operate a vessel is available with this simulator including the plant-up operation, the plant-down operation, the operation for entering and leaving harbor, the operation under normal navigations, and emergency operations. A wide range of training, answering to individual skills, is available for both trainees and experts. A highly effective training is available in the operation of docking and undocking, which is noteworthy because there are only few chances for individuals to experience such procedures in reality.

This simulator also has a function called "Engine-Room Tour" which accurately recreates the inside of the engine room with moving pictures and computer graphics. A seaman who will be boarding a LNG carrier for the first time can learn the layout and the shape of the equipments by using this function with the sense of actually walking in the engine room. At the important points in the "Engine-Room Tour", a live-action moving picture is displayed in a 360-degree view and the explanation about the equipments within view is given with voice and subtitles in Japanese or English.

Although the existing simulator does not go beyond the schematic diagram being displayed on the monitor screen, the simulator introduced by "K"LINE realistically recreates the view of the inside of an engine room and incorporate the actual engine operation and the engine sound. It is innovative in that a trainee can conduct training to operate equipment in virtual reality that closely resembles being on a real vessel.

With the anticipation of a worldwide market growth of LNG transportation business by a specialized vessel, the securing of seamen familiar with LNG carriers have become a critical issue for participating companies. "K"LINE will conduct education and training by utilizing this new simulator, and strive to foster new LNG carrier crewmembers and to further improve the skill of experienced crew members.

< The entire system of "K"LINE's LNG carrier simulator >

(A newly added turbine plant training simulator)

(An existing LNG carrier cargo handling simulator)


< Engine-Room Tour System > (Main screen)

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