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October 23, 2002
Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd.

RE CKYHS reinforce its All Water and Trans Atlantic Service links

COSCO Container Lines Ltd. (Coscon), Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd. ("K"Line), Yang Ming Marine Transport Corp (Yang Ming) and Hanjin Shipping Co., Ltd. (Hanjin/Senator) have reached an agreement to launch its new portfolio both in Asia/All water U. S. East Coast and Trans Atlantic (U.S. East Coast/North Europe) services. This is the further sign of four Lines'intention to develop global cooperation in East and West trade. The Lines will jointly offer 3 loops in the Asia /All water service and add a single loop in the Transatlantic sector with the following ports of call. This will be effective from January 2003 subject to approval from relevant authorities.

All Water Express Service (AWE)

(AWE1) by 8 x 4,024 TEU:
Shanghai-Yantian-Hong Kong-Pusan-New York- Norfolk- Savannah-Tokyo-Pusan-(Shanghai)

(AWE2) by 8 x 3,800 TEU:
Qingdao-Yantian- Hong Kong-Charleston-Norfolk-New York-Boston-(Qingdao)

(AWE3) by 9 x 3,500-4000 TEU:
Yantian-Hong Kong- Kaohsiung-Pusan-Savannah- New York- Wilmington-Savanna-(Kaohsiung)

Trans Atlantic Service

(TAS) by 4 x 3,800 TEU
Antwerp-Bremerhaven-Felixstowe-Rotterdam-Le Havre-New York-Norfolk-Charleston-New York-(Antwerp)

With this reinforced coordination, the four lines can offer the most competitive transit time in the market from main Asian ports to U.S. East Coast. Harmonizing operations on the three current loops will make it possible to offer higher quality customer service. At present, the four lines are operating the following loops : AUE by Coscon, "K"Line and Yang Ming, AWE by Yang Ming and Hanjin, and AWP by Hanjin in All water US East Coast service.

(AUE) by 12 x 3,800 TEU fleet:
Qingdao-Shanghai-Yantian-HongKong-Charleston-Norfolk-NewYork-Boston-(North Europe)-New York-Baltimore-Norfolk-Charleston-(Qingdao)

(AWE) by 4 x 3,500 TEU, 5 x 4,024 TEU fleet:
Kaohsiung-Hong Kong-Keelung-Pusan-Kobe / Osaka -Tokyo / Yokohama-Savannah-Wilmington-New York-Pusan-Kaohsiung

(AWP) by 13 x 2,700 TEU fleet:
Yantian-Hong Kong-Kaohsiung-Pusan-Manzanillo(Mex)-Manzanillo(Pan)-Savannah-Norfolk-New York-(North Europe)-New York-Norfolk-Savannah-Manzanillo(Pan)-Manzanillo(Mex)-Long Beach-Pusan-(Yantian)

In Trans Atlantic (U.S. East Coast/North Europe) service, Coscon, "K"Line, Yang Ming, and Hanjin combined two loops, one (AUE) is operated by Coscon,"K"Line and Yang Ming and the other (AWP) by Hanjin, into one to improve operation efficiency. Other loops serving U.S. Gulf and Mediterranean ports will remain unchanged.

The Lines currently provide following Trans-Atlantic services:
U.S. East Coast/North Europe

(AUE) by 12 x 3,800 TEU (Asia)-Charleston-Norfolk-New York-Boston-Antwerp-Felixstowe-Bremerhaven-Rotterdam-Le Harvre-New York-Baltimore-Norfolk-Charleston-(Asia)

(AWP) by 13 x 2,700TEU (Asia)-Savannah-Norfolk-New York-Felixstowe-Bremerhaven-Rotterdam-Le Harvre-New York-Norfolk-Savannah-(Asia)

U.S. East Coast/Mediterranean services, which remain unchanged, are as follows;

(TAS3 operated by Coscon/"K"Line/Yang Ming) by 4 x 3,500 TEU fleet:
New York-Norfolk-Charleston-Naples-Genoa-Barcelona-(New York)

(AMA operated by Hanjin) by 13 x 2,700 TEU fleet:
(Asia)-Gioia Tauro-La Spezia-Fos-Valencia-New York-Norfolk-Savanna-Valencia-La Spezia-Gioia Tauro-Jeddah-Khor Fakkan-(Asia)

U.S. Gulf/North Europe

(GASS-Slot charter from Americana /Grand Alliance)
Houston-New Orleans-Charleston-Norfolk-Antwerp-Thames-Bremerhaven-Charleston-(Houston)

(SGX-Slot charter from Americana/Grand Alliance)
Miami-Houston-Charleston-Hamburg-Rotterdam-Antwerp-Southampton-Le Harvre-Rotterdam-Hamburg-Charleston-Miami


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