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September 5, 2002
Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd.

Establishment of "K" Line Global Systems, Inc.

Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd. (hereunder referred to as "K" LINE) takes pleasure in announcing the establishment of a new 100% subsidiary IT company, "K" Line Global Systems, Inc. (KGS), in Richmond, Virginia, USA. This is a move in accordance with one of the fundamental assignments in its 3-year management plan KV-Plan, which is to strengthen the company's overall organization through profitable use of IT.

KGS has been established to support and enhance "K" LINE and its group companies' global business operation (such as the containership business and the total logistics services) more efficiently by having its location in the IT-advanced USA. KGS will set IT strategies and plans on a global basis, and execute them by coordinating and supervising concerned parties worldwide. The followings are the major objectives of KGS.

  1. KGS will carry out projects for computer-based communication and information services with the goal of making it possible for "K" LINE and its group companies to continue to offer competitive and innovative services for their customers.
  2. KGS will respond to the changing needs and information technology advances to support "K" LINE and its group companies' IT infrastructures on a global basis, and to enhance their business applications. In doing so, KGS recommends improvements wherever further efficiencies, cost savings, greater expedition or improved data flow can be achieved.
  3. KGS will support the development of "K" LINE and its group companies' total logistics services, making optimum use of information technologies.
  4. KGS will be happy to provide opportunities for active interchange of personnel among "K" LINE's group companies in order to promote shared-services on a global basis.

KGS was registered in the State of Virginia, USA on August 1 this year. Mr. S. Kuboshima (Managing Director of "K" LINE) has been named President, and two staff have been transferred on September 1 from "K" LINE's Information System Group to work for KGS. As a result, Information System Group in Tokyo will primarily concentrate on corporate IT strategy and planning.


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