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July 14, 2008
Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd.

Commencement of training on the third training ship for up-grading

10th of July, 2008, 80,000m3 type LPG Carrier "SUMMIT RIVER" was delivered and commenced her maiden voyage.
This vessel is one of our training ships for up-grading of officers which has additional 6 rooms for trainees with individual shower and toilet.Our experienced master and chief engineer have been onboard as instructors and two navigation officers and two engineers have been onboard before her delivery at dockyard and commenced their training.

"K" Line has been established training ships for cadet which have extra beds for cadet trainees and been fostering graduates and students of maritime colleges to be new officers.
And we also have been establishing training ships for up-grading and train officers to be promoted to senior officers. This vessel is the third training ship for up-grading following 8000TEU Container vessel "Hannover Bridge" (2006.11) and VLCC "Yamatogawa" (2006.12).

Three new building VLCCs which will be delivered in 2009 also have such extra accommodation for training officers for up-grading. We enforce such onboard training and foster our senior officers which know K Line's safety philosophy.

Instruction from our experienced Master before delivery

Private Room of trainee for up-grading


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