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March 1, 2002
Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd.

"K" LINE Acquires ISO 14001 in Recognition of its Environmental Management System

Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd. (referred to herein as "K" LINE) was today awarded certification of ISO 14001 for its Environmental Management System (EMS) by Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (ClassNK).
"K" LINE advises that its EMS embraces the entire scope of maritime services and that Tokyo Head Office sectors as well as all ship management companies of the "K" LINE group are involved in the program. As a result of EMS encompassing all of its maritime services, importance is being given to not only management of ships themselves but also ship operations and deployment planning. In cooperation with each group company concerned, "K" LINE is tackling all environmental issues covering maritime business from the widest possible perspective.

These issues have been regarded as a priority-given assignment of management within "K" LINE's New K-21 plan, and following is a brief summary of the record regarding our efforts.

September 2000 An environmental committee was launched under the chairmanship of Senior Managing Director Nagasawa.
January 2001 "K" LINE's efforts regarding environmental issues appeared on its homepage.
May 2001 "K" LINE Group's Environmental Policy was established.
October 2001 The Environmental Management System was structured and commenced.
March 2002 By this date, aims and goals for Fiscal 2002 were set, and ISO 14001 certification was acquired.

Within the EMS, Senior Managing Director Nagasawa holds the position for EMS Top Management, and appoints three persons to be Management Representatives. Furthermore, responsible persons are assigned in all Head Office sectors and ship management subsidiaries of the group.

"K" LINE is committed to seeing that EMS is put into practice in full swing within all offices at all levels, and to successfully accomplishing the aims and goals for Fiscal 2002. Every effort will be made for transparency in how we tackle the issues and address the various related data.


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