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IR Policy

Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd. ("K" Line) conducts its investor relations based on the fundamental direction outlined below, in order that a clear understanding and fair evaluation of our company can be made by all of our stakeholders,including shareholders and investors.

1. Fundamental Stance on IR Activities
"K" Line's fundamental approach to IR activities is the timely and appropriate disclosure of important facts concerning the company to all existing and potential shareholders and investors, in an accurate and clear, impartial and swift manner, with the aim of establishing a relationship of trust through accurate information disclosure.
2. Information Disclosure Standards
"K" Line discloses information in accordance with applicable laws and regulations such as the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and the Timely Disclosure Rules set by the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE). We proactively disclose information that is deemed to be beneficial for the investment decisions of shareholders and investors, even where it does not fall under the Timely Disclosure Rules.
3. Information Disclosure Procedures
For information that falls under the Timely Disclosure Rules or which could have a material influence on the investment decisions of shareholders and investors, "K" Line complies with Timely Disclosure Rules by disclosing information through the TSE's Timely Disclosure Network (TDnet). The information disclosed at TDnet is also posted on our website as quickly as possible. We disclose all other information as well by postings on our IR website, press releases, etc.
4. Enhancing Communication
"K" Line seeks to enhance interactive communication with our shareholders and investors through briefing sessions and answering daily inquiries, etc. In order to gain further understanding of our company, we also try to enhance availability of IR information through our website, etc.
5. Notes for Future Prospects
The information transmitted by us as IR news may include information about future forecasts, plans and strategy, etc. That information is based on our future prospects and may include risk factors and elements of uncertainty. For further information, please refer to Business Risks for details.
6. Quiet Period
To prevent the leakage of material information of the company and ensure fairness, "K" Line has established the period two weeks prior to the day of the announcement each quarter as a Quiet Period. During this period, the company refrains from answering questions and will not respond to inquiries concerning, or comment on, its earnings results, for which we sincerely request your understanding and acceptance.

The content on this website is provided as a convenience for our investors for informational purpose only. This is not intended to solicit investors to buy our company's stock. This information may include forecasts, projections and strategies that are based on the assumptions. Number of risks and uncertainties may cause actual results to differ from the description in this website. The final decision and responsibility for investments rests solely with the user of this site.