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Management Plan

Released on April 28, 2017
Management Policy and Medium-term Management Plan
Presentation PDF (1.9MB)
Released on April 28, 2016
Review of Medium-Term Management Plan:
“"K"Value for our Next Century - Action for Future - ”
Presentation PDF (1.42 MB)
Supplement of Medium-Term Management Plan (released May 27, 2016) PDF (0.9MB)
Released on Feb 27, 2015
New Medium-Term Management Plan
"K" Value for our Next Century
Presentation PDF (3.08 MB)
Explanation by narration with data
Released on Apr 27, 2012
Review of Medium-Term Management Plan “K” LINE Vision 100 : Bridge to the Future
Presentation PDF (240 KB)
Released on Apr 28, 2011
Revisions to "K"LINE Vision 100 Medium-Term Management Plan -New Challenges-
Presentation PDF (1.47 MB)
Released on Jan 29, 2010
"K" LINE Vision 100 KV2010
Explanation by narration with data
Explanation by article
Presentation PDF (793 KB)
Released on Apr 25, 2008
"K" LINE Vision 100
Explanation by narration with data
Explanationby article
General View of "K" LINE Vision 100 PDF (197 KB)
Presentation PDF (911 KB)

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