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“"K"Value for our Next Century - Action for Future - ”

Review of Medium-Term Management Plan:
“"K"Value for our Next Century - Action for Future - ”

Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd. (“K” Line) reviewed “K” Line Group’s medium-term management Plan, which was formulated in March 2015 as the business strategy toward our 100th anniversary in 2019, in response to the structural changes afoot in the business environment.

“K”Line formulated “Value for our Next Century - Action for Future - ”newly adding the core theme: “Ensuring competitiveness through business structural reform” to one of previous three core themes: “Ensuring stability by improving financial strength” and will carry out initiatives for enhancing corporate value (Value ) for our next 100 years.

New three core themes:

  • 1) Ensuring stability by improving financial strength and competitiveness through business structural reform
  • 2) Further business growth based on financial soundness
  • 3) Dialogue and collaboration with stakeholders (in order to achieve sustainable growth and enhance corporate value)

Investment Plan

Fleet Upgrading Plan

Target of the new medium-term management plan

“K”Line changed“Investment Plan”,“Fleet upgrading plan”, and“Target of the new medium-term management plan”, by the structural reform in this review as aforementioned; however, previous three core themes remain unchanged.

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