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"K" LINE Vision 100

Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd. (hereinafter "K" Line) is pleased to announce that the "K" LINE Group established the new midterm management plan "K" LINE Vision 100. With drastic changes in the recent business environment surrounding the "K" LINE Group and financial targets for the fiscal year 2008 being achieved a year ahead of the schedule, the "K" LINE Group newly established the consolidated midterm management plan "K" LINE Vision 100 covering the period from April 2008 to March 2012 towards the 100th anniversary of "K" LINE in 2019.

"K" LINE Vision 100 advocates "Synergy for All and Sustainable Growth" as its main theme and has set up five basic management issues toward the synergy with all the "K" LINE Group´s stakeholders and the sustainable growth as well as the 100th anniversary vision, including activities to promote the priority management issue of environmental protection. Based on these, profits planning and financial targets for 4 years from April 2008 to March 2012 have been established as follows:

Five management issues

  1. Activities to promote environmental protection
  2. Stable safety ship operation administration structure
  3. Borderless management through the best and strongest organization
  4. Proper allocation of strategic investment and management resources
  5. Improvement of corporate value and complete risk management

Main financial targets

Consolidated financial targets
(assumptions: exchange rate of 100 Yen = US$1, Dubai oil price at US$100/barrel, fuel-oil price at US$520/MT)

(Unit: billion yen)

  FY 2007 FY 2008 FY 2009 FY 2010 FY 2011
Operating revenues 1,331 1,340 1,450 1,600 1,750
Ordinary income 125.9 121 135 145 160
Net income 83 78 85 95 105
ROA 13% 12% 10% or higher
Shareholders' equity 355.8 426 680 or higher
Equity ratio 37% 37% 40% or higher
DER 93% 100% 85% or lower
Interest-bearing debt/operating CF 2.3 4.2 3.5 or lower
Payout ratio 20% 22% 25%

Fleet, shipping capacity

End of
FY 2007
Fleet upgrading plan
(FY 2008 - FY 2011)
Containerships 99 43
Dry Bulk Carriers 169 65
Car Carriers 102 27
LNG Carriers 34 15
Tankers 28 13
Heavy Lifters, Offshore Support Vessels 15 13
Coastal/RORO Carriers 52 4
Total 499 180
End of
FY 2011

(Approx. 1,180 billion yen)


Explanation by narration with data

Explanation by article

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