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With Our Business Partners

To provide our customers with trustworthy and reliable services, support and cooperation from our business partners are essential. We thus strive to build mutual trust with our business partners so that each others can coexist in mutual prosperity.

 Purchasing Policy and CSR Guidelines for Supply chain

The “K” LINE Group established the Purchasing Policy and is working to build relationships of mutual trust and cooperation with our business partners as an indispensable partner in providing services that our customers trust.  In addition, as a company integral to the entire supply chain, the “K” LINE Group has formulated the CSR Guidelines for Supply Chain in order to promote corporate social responsibility with our business partners.

Purchasing Policy and CSR Guidelines for Supply chain

Strict Adherence to Anti-monopoly and Subcontract Laws

We strictly observe anti-monopoly and subcontract laws, and conduct fair trade in accordance with appropriate procedures. We never use our position as a customer to unduly impose our will on suppliers.

Green Procurement

One of our environmental goals is to increase the percentage of environmentally friendly products purchased, and we are asking for our suppliers' cooperation in supplying eco products.