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With Our Shareholders and Investors

In order to improve our corporate value further, we formulate IR policies, disclose our corporate information in timely and appropriate manner, and provide our shareholders and investors with the opportunities for interactive communications such as briefing sessions.

Communications with Our Shareholders and Investors

IR Policies

IR activities based on our policies

Our basic policy for our investor relations (IR) activities is to accurately disclose corporate information to our shareholders and investors promptly, appropriately, and on a timely basis in a fair, understandable manner. With these efforts, we seek to build trust with our shareholders and investors.
IR Policy

Shareholders' Meetings

Towards open shareholders' meetings

We position shareholders' meetings as the supreme decision-making body of our company and a precious opportunity for our management team to communicate directly with our shareholders. At these meetings, we listen to our shareholders, answer their questions, and strive to explain our ideas fully. In addition, we make use of visual contents and narrations to help participants better understand the agenda.
To ensure participation by as many shareholders as possible, we avoid holding the meetings on days when many other companies hold theirs. Agendas are disclosed on our website 15 business days before the meeting to ensure highly accessible meetings with shareholders.

Notice of Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders

Articles of Incorporation

Using IR Tools

Using IR tools for timely and appropriate disclosure

We send a newsletter explaining our businesses to our shareholders every half year. We have also set up investor relations pages on our website where we provide extensive information, including financial highlights and other financial data. The pages also show the planned dates of announcements of financial statements and other IR schedules. On the website, investors can send opinions and questions by e-mail. We endeavor to respond to the e-mails quickly.

Explanatory Meetings

Holding meetings to provide information

We hold a results briefing for corporate investors and financial analysts every quarter. We also proactively hold explanatory meetings for individual corporate investors and financial analysts both in Japan and overseas. We also provide information to general investors at company information sessions held by securities companies and the like.

Site Tours

Observing our facilities

As part of our efforts to help develop insight into our operations, from time to time we organize for corporate investors and financial analysts site tours and offer opportunities for experiencing LNG cargo handling simulators at our training center K LINE Maritime Academy.

Results of IR Activities in Fiscal 2016

Number of Companies Number of Participants
Domestic IR Activities 225 companies 241 persons
IR Activities Abroad 12 companies 14 persons
Small Meetings 39 companies 39 persons
Site Tours 4 companies 4 persons
IR Activities for Private investors - 114 persons