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Stakeholder Engagement

Basic Principle

Since the business activities of the “K” Line Group are conducted around the world, it is essential to build good and solid relationships with various stakeholders, including shareholders, customers, suppliers, and people in local and international communities. Through interactive communication with stakeholders, the “K” Line Group continuously strives to recognize the expectations and the needs from the society, integrate them into our business activities, and fulfill its corporate social responsibility.

Stakeholders Basic Policy
Customers We do our best to respond to customer needs by developing systems for ensuring timely shipping and striving to provide our customers with a wide range of information. We will improve the quality of our services by maintaining safe navigation and cargo operations to transport the cargo entrusted to us by our customers safely and surely.
Shareholders and Investors We have adopted an IR policy designed to meet the expectations of our shareholders and investors. Under this policy, we strive to improve our corporate value further by properly disclosing corporate information on a timely basis and communicating with our shareholders and investors at briefings of every kind, for example.
Business Partners We do business based on our Purchasing Policies. These policies are written to ensure compliance and are aimed at maintaining fair and constructive relationships with our business partners. We thus strive to build trust with our business partners and coexist with them as good partners.
Employees We respect the basic human rights of our employees and develop training programs to maximize the ability of each. We also strive to enhance benefit programs and improve working environments to enable each employee to work vigorously and with a sense of safety.
Local Community Global Society We contribute to society as a good corporate citizen and work with people around the world toward development.
Stakeholder Engagement Process

The “K” Line Group emphasizes interacting with and listening closely to various stakeholders, both internal and external, so that the Group can contribute to the materialization of a better society.

With Our Customers

We strive with our utmost effort to strictly manage safety in navigation and cargo operation and to enhance security, so that we can transport the cargo entrusted to us from our customers to the destination safely and reliably.

With Our Shareholders and Investors

Through interactive communication with our stakeholders and investors, we aim to increase our corporate value.

With Our Business Partners

We strive to establish a relationship of mutual trust with our business partners so that both can pursue synergy and sustainable growth for each other.

With Our Employees

We aim to establish systems to develop abilities of our employees and employee-friendly work environment.