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With Our Employees

We respect the basic human rights of those working for the "K" Line Group and provide a variety of training programs to maximize each person's capabilities. We have been establishing a range of systems and improving the working environment to allow our employees to work comfortably every day.

Basic Personnel Policy

Basic Personnel Policy for Onshore Workers

We design and implement a personnel system that is suited to specific business environments and workplace situations. Our aim is to improve work productivity, making our company more competitive and contributing to our sustainable growth. At the same time, we carefully consider the fairness of our systems and programs along with the circumstances of individual employees so that a sense of security for each member can be created and morale can be improved.

Basic Personnel Policy for Seafarers

We respond flexibly to demands for marine technical personnel by developing the requisite measures for securing and developing human resources. We also provide our employees with motivating work environments in which they can derive pleasure from performing their jobs. We ensure stable and sustainable employment to help improve the company's performance, contribute to society and ensure the welfare of individual employees.

Initiatives of Improving Corporate Culture

“Yoriyoku (For the Better)” Project

“Wind of “K””: We promote a project to facilitate further improvement of work place with friendly atmosphere and good communication, which has been a tradition since the foundation of our company.