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Quality Management of Ships

Securing Quality During Ship Construction

Construction based on a clear quality management system

Constructing a new ship is a joint operation involving the shipyard and "K" Line's Technical Group. Since 2007, our Technical Group has been certified in quality management systems for the construction of new ships (ISO 9001). The scope of the system includes the duties of our Technical Group at the Head Office and the construction superintendent stationed in the shipyard. In this way, organizational management is undertaken by integrating the management of all operations, from planning to construction. The Group has also adopted quality management policies based on "K" Line's principles, and has developed specific action plans based on the policies. The Group has therefore set out clear quality management procedures to be followed on a practical level while also striving to maintain and improve the standard of the quality management system.

ISO 9001 certificate

ISO 9001 certificate

Uncompromising in the application of "K" Line Standard Specifications

We have adopted "K" Line's proprietary standard specifications based on our experience in navigation, construction, maintenance, and inspection of ships, and we apply them in construction of new ships. We continually review and evaluate these specifications to prevent any overlap of functions and to avoid overcomplicating systems. When constructing ships, we hold discussions with the shipyard and equipment manufacturers based on our original standards, started at the specification and drawing stage. Our views may differ from those of the shipyard, but when it comes to safety in navigation and cargo operations or environmental preservation, "K" Line and the shipyard both understand that they share a common responsibility, and take an uncompromising approach.

Construction superintendents supervising building of "K" Line ships until completion

When a new ship is built, we must examine a wide range of aspects, including whether the ship's specifications conform to our intended use, whether there are any problems with its operational performance and cargo handling capability, whether the specifications comply with treaties and other rules, and whether our "K" Line Standard Specifications are reflected in the ship. It is thus extremely important to maintain close communication with the shipyard that is actually constructing the vessel, and our construction superintendents assume this important role.They check the construction method and processes, confirm that equipment is installed properly, and monitor the performance in a test run. A construction superintendent also strives to improve the ship building process to ensure that the "K" Line ship under construction will be delivered on schedule.

Establishment and Maintenance of "KL-QUALITY"

Maintaining a high-quality ship management structure

In addition to fulfilling our legal requirements, we have established KL-QUALITY as our original guidelines for quality management. Our ship inspectors regularly visit ships in our fleet at calling part to check compliance with KL-QUALITY. Inspection results are reported to and shared with related departments. If there are any recommendations in the inspection, ship owners or ship management companies are asked to rectify them. In this way, we maintain and improve ship quality to ensure safe operation of our fleet.

A containership under construction (fore side)

A containership under construction
(fore side)

Main engine being installed(the engine is assembled onboard)

Main engine being installed
(the engine is assembled onboard)

A containership under construction (aft side)

A containership under construction
(aft side)