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System for Managing Safety

Positioning of Safe Navigation and Cargo Operations

Safety as the foundation of international logistics Infrastructure

Establishing and maintaining safety in navigation and cargo operation is essential for ensuring the safety of crew members and ships, and for safe, reliable shipping of cargo that our customers entrust to us. It is also an essential foundation of the shipping business as international logistics infrastructure that supports the economic activities and lives of people around the world.

A variety of measures for supporting safety

To ensure safety in navigation and cargo operation, we need to take a number of initiatives. For example, we need to improve the marine skills of crew members directly involved in ship navigation.
We need to have onshore operating staff and other related people accumulate knowledge and experience, and we need to improve on-board facilities and obtain and provide appropriate information on weather and hydrographic conditions.
We must be capable of appropriately handling problems and troubles that arise during voyages, cargo handling, and on-board operations. We must also be able to respond to emergency situations such as marine casualties.
We therefore take diverse initiatives based on the recognition that safe navigation of ships is our mission, accompanied by social responsibility.

Cargo oil discharging rate being controlled at a tanker

Cargo oil discharging rate
being controlled at a tanker

Cargo oil discharging pressure being checked at a tanker

Cargo oil discharging pressure
being checked at a tanker

Establishment of the Ship Safety Promotion Committee

Group-wide efforts for ship safety

The Ship Safety Promotion Committee is chaired by the President and consists of Executive officers of Sales Departments and Marine Departments, and Executive Officers from Group companies responsible for ship management. The Committee meets every quarter to discuss and implement measures from every possible viewpoint concerning all matters related to safety at sea including aggregation of problems during the period under review, analysis of their causes, formulation of measures for preventing their recurrence, and responding to international treaties and laws and regulations that will be newly introduced or amended. The Committee has also developed measures against piracy in the Gulf of Aden; activity that is now expanding into the Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean. The measures vary depending on the type and characteristics of the ship. Advice is sought from the Committee and new measures are considered whenever necessary, thereby establishing and maintaining safety.