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Initiatives for Safety at Sea

Safety Management System (SMS)

SMS as the manual for ensuring ship safety

To ensure safe navigation of ships, we need to take our own safety measures and provide different training for different kinds of ships, in addition, of course, to meet requirements of international treaties and the laws and regulations of relevant countries. The SMS summarizes steps to take concerning these requirements based on common recognition of them by crew members and ship management companies. An international treaty mandates maintaining of an SMS.

Pre-boarding briefing at a ship management company

Pre-boarding briefing at a ship
management company

Strict application of SMS

Our strict application of SMS is confirmed through internal safety audits conducted by auditors of ship management companies and through regular examinations by the classification society that certifies our SMS. We immediately take corrective measures if any matters are pointed out in the audits and examinations. The SMS is also checked at calling ports through Port State Control (PSC *1) to ensure its strict application.

Confirmation of SMS application in the ship

Confirmation of SMS application in the ship

*1 PSC
An inspection of a foreign ship by authorities of the calling port's country. It aims at confirming there are no problems with the ship concerning safety and compliance, safety of human lives, and environmental preservation.

Safety Report System

Catching all small mistakes in order to prevent accidents

All accidents are caused by small mistakes, and the Safety Report System encourages us to report those mistakes. The system aims at catching the errors and thoroughly analyzing the causes and factors behind them. Those who report the errors are not blamed. Countermeasures are studied based on the results of those analyses, and each ship is informed of the details of the measures.Thus, the Safety Report System is applied to prevent recurrence of similar errors and to raise safety awareness among crew members.

Safety Campaigns

Safety Campaign in winter

From December 1 to the following January 31 we conduct the safety Campaign under the theme of "safety and environmental preservation." When our ship calls at a port, the persons in charge of the ship operation department and marine safety department, safety supervisors, supervisors in charge of ship management companies, and others visit the ship to conduct activities necessary for ensuring safe navigation and cargo operations, such as exchange of opinions with crew members and inspection of the ship's hull and onboard equipment. During this campaign, these activities gain further benefit from visits by our president and the board members along with strengthening of the activities. These efforts are to confirm a system for close communication among staff and to share information with them. The activities are aimed at further raising awareness of safety in navigation and cargo operation among all staff on ships and on shore.

Poster of the Winter Season Safety and
Environment Protection Campaign