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Human Rights

Basic Principle

As a basic principle of human rights, the “K” Line Group stipulates in the head of its Charter of Conduct that it will consistently respect human rights and well consider personality, individuality and diversity of its corporate members and improve work safety and conditions to offer them comfort and affluence. Each group company shares the principle and strives to enhance the awareness on human rights in its working environment and business activities.

Furthermore, “K” Line clearly declares in its Implementation Guideline for Charter of Conduct that it does not tolerate child labor or forced labor, and holds up its principle that it will eliminate any discrimination in employment or compensation based on nationality, gender, religion, social class or other social status and ensure equal opportunity in the implementation of the human resources management.

Respect for Human Rights

The “K” Line Group regards Human Rights as one of the core material issues in CSR, proceeding initiatives to eliminate discrimination based on race, nationality, gender or disability at all levels of workforce management and ensure equal employment and promotion opportunity for all employees.

In addition, as part of the process to identify material issues regarding human rights, “K” Line has been taking part in “Human Rights Due Diligence Workshop” ( organized by “Caux Round Table Japan” since 2014, and participated in development of “Human Rights Issues by Sector” through dialogue and collaboration with multi-stakeholders.

Respect for Diversity

The “K” Line has been increasing diversity in terms of gender, nationality, and so on, corresponding to the globalization of its business activities, expecting that improved diversity may contribute to creation of new ideas that may result in future business developments and sustainable growth of the company. It will continue improvement of HR systems and work environments so that it can support and promote diversity further.

  • The ratio of female managers (as of March 31, 2017): 3.67%
  • The ratio of persons with disabilities (as of March 31, 2017): 2.29%

Preventing Harassment

“K” Line has established a dedicated consultation service for sexual harassment, power harassment, and mental issues. How to use such services has been communicated on the corporate portal site, with contact details for the consultation desk. The Company has set up a system in which it can quickly solve problems while giving the maximum consideration to privacy of persons who want to have consultation, for example, by placing a female consultant as well, working with an industrial physician, etc.

Modern Slavery Act

In accordance with the United Kingdom's Modern Slavery Act 2015 legislation, our group companies in UK have published “Modern Slavery Act Transparency Statement” as follows.

●“K” Line (Europe) Ltd.               
●“K” Line Bulk Shipping (UK) Limited.
●“K” Line LNG Shipping (UK) Limited.


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