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Material Issues in CSR and Medium-Long-term Goals

Main CSR Subjects Core Subjects Stakeholder Expectation Major Issues for “K” Line “K” Line’s Medium- and Long-Term Goals
Building a management structure that emphasizes social responsibility Organizational governance Ensuring management soundness and transparency
Implementing CSR from a long-term perspective
Improving corporate culture
Permeation of the management philosophy
Establishing a management structure to address societal demands Build CSR into management decision making and business processes, establish a management system that enables the Company to grow together with society
Stakeholder engagement Identifying material issues through
stakeholder engagement
Setting boundaries
Timely, appropriate disclosure to stakeholders
Promoting dialog with stakeholders Establish interactive communication with diverse stakeholders and refl ect stakeholder opinions and wants in CSR initiatives/activities
Managing the impact of business activities Human rights Eliminating discrimination in hiring
Preventing discrimination in the workplace
Preventing forced labor and child labor
Preventing harassment
Preventing discrimination
Respecting basic labor rights
Preventing forced labor and child labor
Eliminate discrimination based on race, nationality, gender or disability at all levels of workforce management and ensure equal employment and promotion opportunity for all employees
Labor Practices Improving occupational health and safety
Preventing overlong working hours
Improving operational procedures
Enhancing the benefi ts systems
Improving work environments
Preventing overlong working hours
Improving occupational health and safety
Promoting diverse work styles
Preventing forced labor and child labor
Establish employee-friendly working environments that promote physical and mental health, where all employees can make the most of their abilities
Fair operating practices Fair management practices
Legal compliance
Preventing corruption
Compliance with competition law
Ensuring confi dentiality
Preventing corruption
Preventing anticompetitive behavior
All employees work with full understanding of the importance of fair business practices, including competition law and anti-corruption
Safety in navigation and cargo operations Risk management
Preventing major accidents
Preventing cargo-related accidents
Preventing major accidents Achieve zero major marine accidents
The Environment* Preventing air and marine pollution
Reducing emissions of harmful substances and waste
Reinforcing environmental management
Environment-friendly business activities
Environmental management system reaches the level of all individual employees, the environmental burden of business activities is continually reduced
Crisis Management Risk management
Anti-piracy measures
Business continuity in times of major disaster
Enhance response capabilities for major accidents
Crisis and risk management system
  • Business continuity plan (BCP) is fi rmly established
  • Achieve zero damage from pirate attacks
  • Establish a system to rapidly respond to disasters and major accidents
Creating new value Human resource development Use and development of human resources
Promoting diversity
Creating an organizational safety mindset
Improving communication
Enhancing educational systems
Improving corporate culture
Developing global leaders
Promoting diversity
  • All employees share the mindset and standards of conduct necessary for the continued growth of the Company in the future
  • Develop and utilize human resources who can borderlessly make the most of their abilities regardless of expertise (on shore or at sea), nationality or gender
Innovation Contributing to social development
Long-term environmental policy
Technical development and innovation
Lowering costs
New value proposals through the decrease of environmental burden and improvement of service quality Continuously keep tabs on general trends related to reducing environmental burden and customer wants related to improving transport quality, establish a framework to meet these needs with technical solutions
Community involvement and development Contributing to social development
External collaboration
Assisting in disaster recovery/reconstruction
Contributing to local communities
Assisting in recovery/reconstruction from natural disasters Contribute to the development of local society using the Group’s organizational resources
Employment creation and skills development Contributing to social development
Employment creation
Skills development
Support for education and employment creation
  • Contribute to the shipping industry as a whole through marine technical personnel development support that contributes to the production of excellent seafarers
  • Contribute to employment creation and skills development in regions where the Company operates


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