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Environmental Promotion System

“K” LINE Group is aware that our business activities can affect the global environment, and we are therefore committed with strong determination to support an environmental policy that minimizes the impact of our business activities on the global environment. In order that we successfully promote our environmental activities in accordance with our environmental policy, the CSR & Environmental Committee by the President & CEO, with two sub-committees, the CSR Sub-Committee and Environmental Sub-Committee, formulates policy for the CSR initiatives of the entire “K” LINE Group, and also takes operational responsibility for the Environmental Management System formulated with the “K” LINE Group Environmental Policy.Our EMS stipulates that the Environmental Sub-Committee should meet twice a year.At these meeting, the senior manager who has been appointed EMS Superintendent, the Executive Officer in charge of environmental affairs, environmental managers, and deputy environmental managers gather to prepare basic plans and set goals on environmental matters for the "K" LINE Group, monitor progress towards these goals, evaluate the results and reconfirm or review the goals.
Furthermore, the entire staff working for the “K” LINE Group becomes one and promotes environmental activities, and we hold “Information exchange sessions with group companies” every year as the place for sharing current awareness of environmental issue as well as discussing environmental issues.

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"K" Line Group Environmental Policy

Core Concept

The "K" LINE Group is aware and recognizes that addressing environmental concerns is an issue shared by all mankind. Therefore, the "K" LINE Group is taking proactive measures as an essential condition for its existence and conducting a business enterprise, striving to reduce the environmental impact of its business activities, and seeking to contribute to the development of a sustainable society.

Conduct Guidelines

  1. We are setting objectives and targets for environmental preservation and making improvements on an ongoing basis to reduce the impact on the environment from our business activities. Furthermore, we are complying with all environmental treaties, laws and regulations as well as policies and voluntary standards to which the "K" LINE Group has consented.
  2. We are striving to protect the global and marine environment through fleet-wide implementation of safe operation practices and are establishing the organizations and structures necessary for such implementation.
  3. We are promoting research, development and introduction of ship facilities and equipment to improve ship energy efficiency and operating efficiency, which results in reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the prevention of atmospheric pollution.
  4. In consideration of biodiversity, we are maintaining an awareness of the impact that the transport of ballast water and living organisms that attach to ship hulls have on ecosystems and working to protect those ecosystems.
  5. We are contributing to establish a recycle-based society by promoting the 3Rs (reduce, reuse and recycle) and promoting the effective re-use of resources, including ship recycling.
  6. The entire "K" LINE Group is and will continue to support and participate in social contribution activities intended to protect the environment.
  7. We are conducting education and training to elevate awareness and understanding of environmental preservation issues among each member of the entire "K" LINE Group.

Revised in August 2012

Environmental Management Systems

Establishing an Environmental Management System


“K”INE group is working together to protect the environment.
It is necessary for us to have a sense of unity as a whole in the direction of environmental preservation activities as a group in order to continue to act as an environmental front runner for our environmental response. Therefore, we have established a new system for environmental management. The point of this new system is to continuously aim to improve environmental preservation activities through the PDCA cycle (Note 1) while ensuring environmental compliance throughout the entire “K” Line Group. In addition, categorization is done according to the level of companies that have already implemented environmental efforts, and changes are made in the contents of tasks to be tackled for each category. This is in line with our aim to become a sustainable environmental entity by assuring that this new structure does not become an additional burden for companies that have already implemented environmental efforts.

Below is an image of this structure.

Using EMS for environmental preservation

This new management system is named "DRIVE GREEN NETWORK." This includes the desire to inherit the ambition to always be one step ahead towards the future of the "Environmental flagship" M/V DRIVE GREEN HIGHWAY completed in 2016.

Using EMS for environmental preservation

We have established EMS based on ISO 14001(*1) and operate it to identify the environmental impact and minimize it constantly. In February 2002, we obtained certification for our EMS from a third-party organization, and began operating it. Since then, we have been striving to enhance our environmental activities by confirming through reviews conducted annually and at the time of renewals to ensure that our EMS complies with the ISO 14001(*1) standard, is conducted in line with the PDCA cycle, and is improved and corrected accordingly.

*1 ISO 14001
ISO 14001 is an international EMS standard set by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Requirements for the EMS are stipulated in ISO 14001.

*2 PDCA Cycle:
Processes are separated into 4 steps : Plan, Do, Check, and Act. Following this cycle is one management method to continuously improve business activities.

Environmental Education and Environmental Awareness

Increasing environmental knowledge and awareness

Our internal portal site contains all sorts of information, including the "K" Line Group Environmental Policy, manuals on environmental management, and a list of environmental managers as well as environmental activity reports and materials used in environmental seminars. We strive to make the site and its information easy to use and understand so that each and every "K" Line employee can increase their knowledge and awareness of the environmental management system and environmental issues.
The Environment Management Group holds environmental seminars and e-learning each year for employees in each department of "K" Line and in some of our Group companies.

Environmental training

“K” Line’s Forest “Sarumachizuka” Forest Preservation Activities

“K” Line signed an agreement with NPO Chiba University Students Committee for Environmental Management System to conduct forest preservation activities in “K” Line-owned woodlands near Narita International Airport in Chiba Prefecture. Through this activity, “K” Line also received a Certificate from the Chiba prefectural government for CO2 absorption through forest preservation. “K” Line and the Students Committee will work together to continue restoring the woodland with the goals of conserving biodiversity, maintaining the beauty of the landscape and spreading environmental awareness.

“K”Line Group Environmental Awards

Under the direction of ““K” Line Environmental Vision 2050,” as our long-term environmental management vision toward 2050, we founded “K” Line Group Environmental Award in order to recognize group-wide efforts for environmental conservation and biological diversity to assure sustainable operations for all executives and employees of both “K” Line and “K” Line Group.

“K” Line Group Environmental Awards

Environmental Certification

Environmental Certification

The occupancy rate of EMS in our business activities is approximately 79.7%.
* This figure is calculated in reference to the financial report.