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Environmental Data

“K” Line Group is taking the initiatives for building a highly energy efficient logistics infrastructure through we recognize that our business activities impose environmental impact on the global environment, and set various targets in order to continuously reduce them.

Environmental data regarding fuel consumption and electricity consumption in domestic and foreign consolidated subsidiaries is gathered by Eco Track System, with this data being used to understand environmental impact based on our business activities. In that regard, we are dedicated to seeing that this environmental performance data is visually available to the public by including the data on our web site after such annual environmental data is verified and certified by a third party. We welcome and will utilize any comments or reviews offered by stakeholders regarding additional measures needed in order to reinforce our determination to continuously improve “K” Line Group’s business activities.

Environmental Data

Click here for change in summary of environmental impact data from “K” Line’s vessels and offices.

Third-Party Evaluation of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Data

Improved the transparency and reliability of our GHG emissions data.

Results of Our Environmental Activities and TargetsPDF

Click here for “Results of Our Environmental Activities in 2016 and Targets for 2017”.

Environmental Accounting

Click here for “Environmental Accounting in 2016”.

Environmental Accounting in 2015PDF


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