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Employment Creation and Skills Development

Basic Principle

The“K”LINE Group recognizes it is one of the important aspects of corporate social responsibility to contribute to medium and long-term development of the local and the international communities through educational support and employment creation. The Group aims to contribute to employment creation and skills development in countries/areas where it addresses its business activities, as well as supports cultivation of marine technical personnel who can play active roles for the development of the shipping industry.

Support for UNDP Job Creation Initiative in Somalia

Along with the oil majors and other major shipping companies, “K” Line has been participating in an industry-led initiative that provides funding of US2.5million in total for a United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) project to create job opportunities and develop vocational skills in Somalia since 2013. This initiative has been undertaken to reduce poverty affecting the people of Somalia, widely regarded as the root of the piracy problem. By crating long term job opportunities that provide youths with an alternative to piracy, the project aims to stabilize the situation in Somalia. By helping to provide a younger generation with a wider range of employment opportunities, the project seeks to reduce the risk of piracy in the Indian Ocean.

Internship Programs to Develop Human Resources who will Lead the Next Generation of the Shipping Industry

The “K” Line Group organizes internship programs for students of nautical colleges every year. In August and September 2015, the company has accepted 59 students in total divided into 4 groups, and offered weeklong programs to each of them The program consisted of an introduction to our business operations and lectures related to ship operation/management, as well as visits to our vessels and workshops to discuss issues surrounding the shipping industry.

We have received feedbacks from the students participated who have stated that it has been a very meaningful experience for them to consider their future careers, since the programs, including visits to the vessels, have been practical ones that cannot normally be offered at their school. We strive to keep improving the contents of these training programs so that we can further increase students' interest in the shipping industry.

Introducing equipments on the container ship.

Sending Lecturers for Securing Maritime Technical Personnel

The “K”Line Group has been participating in a task force established in 2008 by the Japanese Shipowners’ Association (JSA) to secure maritime technical personnel in the future. While the number of Japanese seafarers tend to decrease, it is necessary for the shipping industry to secure professional maritime technical personnel who can lead the world of shipping. We have been sending lecturers to “Open Campuses” at maritime academies, and exchanging information with educational institutions. In November 2015, we have hosted the tour to our training facility in Machida, Tokyo, inviting teaching staffs of maritime educational institutions and introducing LNG cargo operation simulator.

Introduction of LNG cargo operation simulator


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