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Our Fleet

Below is an introduction to the "K" Line fleet - the different types and numbers of ships that "K" Line operates.

Containerships Services

Containership services are the main business of "K" Line's global services. We provide stable and reliable containership services through our globe-spanning container service network, responding to changes in the trade environment and continuously enhancing our international competitiveness.

Number of vessels: 67
DWT: 4,430,588(kt)

Bulk Shipping Services
Bulk Shipping Services

Dry Bulk Business
We offer transport services for raw materials such as coal, iron ore, grain (wheat, soybeans, corn, etc.), woodchip and pulp.

Car Carrier Business
As a pioneer in the transport of automobiles using pure car carriers, "K" Line provides services of completely built-up cars (CBU), trucks and other vehicles.

Number of vessels: 357
DWT: 31,222,430(kt)

Energy Transportation and Tanker Business
Energy Transportation and Tanker Business

We transport liquefied gas using LNG and LPG carriers and crude oil and oil products by tanker. In addition to industrial energy sources, we transport city gas, gasoline and other energy resources used by consumers.
"K" Line also offers offshore support vessel services through Norway-based K Line Offshore AS which support exploration and production of offshore oil & gas.

Number of vessels: 47
DWT: 4,509,848(kt)

Other Business
Other Business

We transport oversized cargo related to the energy industry and infrastructure development through the SAL Group, a specialized heavy lift shipping subsidiary based in Germany. In addition, "K" Line's Group company Kawasaki Kinkai Kisen Kaisha, Ltd. provides a variety of marine transportation services within Japan.

Number of vessels: 63
DWT: 733,771(kt)

"K" Line Group Composition of Fleet

Service Number DWT (K/T)
Containerships Services 67 4,430,588 DWT(kt)
Bulk Shipping Services 357 31,222,430 DWT(kt)
Energy Transportation and Tanker Business 47  4,509,848 DWT(kt)
Other Business 63  733,771DWT(kt)
Total 534 40,896,637 DWT(kt)